Smart Homes & Automation

Bringing the future to now.

The future is here and it is about time! Technology has finally made a true smart home possible. By simply saying, “Alexa, close the garage door” or “Hey Siri, turn off my curling iron” you no longer have to worry your house is wide open or of accidentally burning your house down. You can also setup home automations, which is honestly like living in a movie from the 90’s set in the future. 

You can program your lights, music, and your AC to turn on when you get home. Don’t want to arrive to a dark house at night? Set an automation. Even bed time can be calming with automated mood lighting with color adjustable bulbs, relaxing sounds, and the fan blowing while you’re bundled up.

Smart home Ideas

What a Smart Home can do for you.

  • Turn on specific lights when you arrive or off when you leave.
  • Arm your house alarm.
  • Lock/unlock all doors.
  • Turn on/off applicances.
  • Turn on/off your shower and sink faucets.
  • Remotely monitor your house via smart cameras.
  • Set bedtime routines.
  • Safe and reduces spreading germs.

See how a Smart Home
can work for you.